If you are coming to Forged In The Wild...read this: | Escape The Woods



If you are coming to Forged In The Wild…read this:

We are asking for each participant to sponsor a veteran and compete on their behalf at the event.  And we are asking for each participant to help raise funds that will directly pay for the ultimate forge prize valued at $800 by simply buying an awesome Forged In The Wild T-shirt for $20.  $10 from each t-shirt will go directly into the prize fund and we are only selling 30 of these shirts.  We are also commissioning 5 hand forged knives as the first run by Caleb Tranchita for Whiskey Tango Forge.  These are in the Frontiersman series made from thick 5160 high carbon steel that likes to take a beating and still keep its edge.  The knife was chosen for its unique feel, shape, weight and durability.  Once you pick it up, good luck laying it down!  These knives will sell at $199 and $100 from each knife will go toward the Veteran’s prize.  The knives can be purchased by anyone whether or not they attend the event, so if you would like to support our Veterans and own a limited-edition knife with a 100% money back guarantee then order fast because the 5 won’t last long!

At the event, each team will forge their own railroad spike knife, steel striker and customize a 5 inch long beast of a ferro rod with a natural handle.  They will then use these items in survival training classes throughout the weekend in modules like; fire, food, water and shelter.  At the end of the weekend our trainers and experts will judge your forged items on character, quality, creativity.  You will also compete in a series of challenges where you will test the new survival skills that you have learned, earning points along the way.  Whoever ends up with the most points…wins the event and the associated prizes.

So here is how the prizes work:  Each participant will sponsor a veteran and complete on their behalf at our event.  Whoever wins the event will receive an $800 forge setup ( gas forge, anvil, hammer and tongs) AND they will take home ANOTHER prize that is behind door number 2 that they will give to the Veteran!  But here is the fun part….the winner gets to choose to take home the forge setup and give the other prize to the vet OR keep the other prize and give the anvil package to the vet.  What’s behind door #2?  Uh…something interesting…and awesome enough that you will struggle to decide what to keep and what to give away!

The cost of the event is $399 per person or $799 per “anvil”.  This simply means if you are ok with sharing an anvil during the blacksmith portion of the event you will only pay $399 but you will have to figure out who from your team works on and takes home the knife and who works on and takes home the custom striker and ferro rod.  If you want to take it all home….then you have to pay for a full anvil and you keep all the goodies yourself!  The same goes for the participant prize:  if you compete as a team you and your team wins….you will have to figure out how to “split up” the forge, anvil and tools.  As you might imagine, this would be easier with a spouse or a lifelong friend.  You can absolutely come “by yourself” but you must be OK with being paired up for the weekend with a stranger and splitting up any prize without being an ass!

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