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We are flat out excited to announce our Certified Trainer program. We have partnered with Jason Hunt at the Bethlehem Outdoor College in Kentucky to take outdoor survival skills training to a new level.

This program is specifically designed to not only advance your outdoor survival skills but to hone your leadership skills and put you on the path to Master Trainer within Escape The Woods.

Here’s how it works:

We find someone who is crazy about survival skills, self-sufficiency and all things outdoors who is willing to lead a local ETW group. This person would have to attend the ETW Trainer Certification program at Bethlehem Outdoor College and pass the required classes at a cost of $599. This is a hybrid program combining home based training by video via Escape University that culminates with 25 hours of onsite training at Bethlehem Outdoor College in Kentucky.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be certified to establish and lead a local group of like-minded individuals who would meet 3-4 times per year for a camping / training weekend in your area.

Local Escape The Woods members would be comprised of individuals who have a stated desire to attend a full, regional Escape The Woods event. Each member and leader will have free and full access to all of the resources and community at www.EscapeUniversity.com . Here, the members can post, blog, chat, upload videos, review videos and continue their ongoing survival skills learning experience. Each local member will be asked to commit to participating in Creek Stewart’s Survival Skill of the Month Club so they can learn and practice on their own. But every few months, the Certified Trainer will host a camping weekend where the members can come together to practice and hone their skills as a group. This annual program for local members is only $29.99 per month and includes the full ticket for any Escape The Woods event!

But here is where it gets fun! Every local leader that has at least 10 active members can come to a regional event and compete, as a team, with the other groups from the region! Every local member and leader is welcome to come to the Regional event, but only groups with at least 10 can compete as a local team.

Beyond this, the Certified Trainers will have the opportunity to assist the Master Trainers at the regional events. As the Master Trainers work with you and review your skills, knowledge and communication style you may be asked to step into a Master Trainer position at another regional event.

Did we forget to say that the Certified Trainer will get paid to do this? Absolutely. You won’t get rich but it will be the most fun you have ever had putting money in your pocket! If you are interested in our Certified Trainer program just send us a quick e-mail (todd@escapethewoods.com) with “Show me the money” in the subject line and we will send you the details! The application process is 100% FREE.

If you don’t want to be a leader but are interested in joining a local community, learning new skills, making new friends and eventually training with Creek Stewart and all of our other amazing trainers at a regional event, send us an e-mail to tell us what city and State you are in and we will find you the closest local group.


2017-2018 CATALOG

This file features our courses, enrollment and credit options and general information for becoming a student of Bethlehem Outdoor College.

Bethlehem Outdoor College 


Bethlehem Outdoor College is a private school which provides training for aspiring Outdoor Educators. We have an engaged faculty that will shape our students into responsible outdoor leaders that will graduate to effect positive life change in youth, families and communities. Founded in 2001, we have equipped Christian leaders for all levels of vocational ministry serving in nations around the world. Since 2011, we have used experiential education, outdoor & adventure programming, service and cross-cultural immersion as tools to move individuals and groups out of their comfort zones into more reliance on God and each other.

A Proven Curriculum

As a result of teaching outdoor skills to thousands of students, we have discovered that the order in which you learn the skills greatly affects the amount of time it takes you to demonstrate true competency in the outdoors. We have found that a student who learns the techniques in a random order, progresses much slower than a student who completes the curriculum in a step by step format. Students will ultimately perform at the lowest level they are trained, therefore by guiding students through our curriculum, we shall set a new, higher standard of outdoor training.

How to Enroll

– Must be at least 18 years of age
– Must hold a high school, home school or G.E.D. Diploma
– Must submit a completed Admissions Application
– Must be able to articulate why B.O.C is right for you- Must Pay Admissions Fee

How Courses are Completed

Once accepted as a B.O.C. student you will have 24 months to complete the required courses. Campcraft Outdoors is the sole provider for accredited courses at this time, these will be registered on your transcript at the time of your purchase of the course.
Schedule the classes as you are able, complete the Outdoor Leadership course, then complete the required student teaching hours, then GRADUATE!