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Forged in the Wild

What is Forged in the Wild ?

At Escape The Woods, we have taken survival training and raised the bar. Now we have decided to take that bar, melt it down and forge something the outdoor world has never seen. Forged in the Wild is our next crazy adventure and we are looking for a few folks to “test their metal” with us.


Forge a steel flint striker and make a ferro rod with our blacksmith.  Then use these items as you learn survival skills before you prove your skills in the head to head challenge!





Over the last 5 years we have traveled the country with some of best survival trainers who have been on the TV shows Fat Guys in the Woods, S.O.S How to Survive, Dual Survivor, Naked and Afraid and Forged in Fire.  While these trainers are awesome…they are also expensive!!  We are excited to announce our newest program called Forged in the Wild that will be taught by certified trainers who follow Creek’s approved modules.  The only difference is these fellows are not pretty enough to be on TV and that keeps the ticket prices down!  Our “celebrity” events normally run $399 per person but our Forged in the Wild events will only be $79 per person.    Each event will be identical to our “celebrity” events except for the added metal forging module and no handsome trainers.


Learn Creek's Core 4: Fire, Food, Water, Shelter


Spend a weekend getting to know the best folks in the survival world.

Hand Forge

Hand Forge a flint striker and ferro rod with custom strike rod.

Registration is now closed for the May 24th event in Ohio.  Please check back for updates on future events!