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Forged in the Wild

What is Forged in the Wild ?

At Escape The Woods, we have taken survival training and raised the bar. Now we have decided to take that bar, melt it down and forge something the outdoor world has never seen. Forged in the Wild is our next crazy adventure and we are looking for a few folks to “test their metal” with us.

Forge with Caleb//Train with EJ//Compete to Win

Forge a railroad spike knife, steel flint striker and make a custom ferro rod with our blacksmith.  Then use these items as you learn survival skills with EJ Snyder before you prove your skills in the head to head challenge!

At our upcoming Forged in the Wild event, you will hand forge a survival knife, steel striker and customize a huge ferro rod with a natural handle. After you forge these tools you will train with nationally known survival expert, EJ Snyder on how to use these tools in survival situations as you learn about fire, food, water, shelter and medical survival skills. At the end of the weekend, you will participate in a head to head challenge to win a brand new forge setup! Sounds cool…right? Well maybe, but here is the cool part: Every participant will compete on behalf of a U.S. Veteran and if you are the winner of the overall competition, you will chose to take home a new forge, anvil and tools valued at $799 OR give this to your sponsored vet and you take home a different prize of equal value.

3 Ways to Support a Veteran

Buy a Knife

Five custom knives will be sold at $199, and $100 from each knife will go towards the prize for the Veteran.

Buy a T-Shirt

Thirty t-shirts will be sold for $19.99, and $10.00 from each t-shirt will go towards the prize for the Vet.

Buy a Ticket

Show up to our event and compete for you and your Veteran.

So here is what we are looking for in a participant:

1) Someone who can get behind something  larger than themselves as they sponsor a US Veteran at the event.
2) Someone who can get out of their comfort zone as they learn new skills in a new environment.
3) Someone who is not afraid to compete as they fight to win an awesome prize for their sponsored veteran (and an awesome prize for themselves!)
And as it turns out….that’s exactly what the veterans have done for us.  They spent their time learning new skills in a new environment as they stretched their comfort zone to fight for something larger than themselves to win and retain the prize of freedom for us all.

Registration is now closed for the May 24th event in Ohio.  Please check back for updates on future events!