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Apocalypse Shovel

Creek gives the guys this shovel on Season 2 of Fat Guys in the Woods when hiking 30 miles through the Sonoran Desert.

Digging is underrated. DIG. LASH. STAB. HACK. DEFEND. CHOP.

Apocalypse Shovel. 16 1/4″ overall. 6 7/8″ x 5 1/2″ overall black oxide coated tempered 2Cr13 stainless tool steel shovel head. Shovel point is sharpened on each side featuring a partially serrated edge on one and a concave chopping edge on the other. Also features multiple lashing holes. Black injection-molded nylon handle with 30% fiberglass and nylon reinforcement. Black reinforced nylon belt sheath. Perfect for camping and outdoors use, light chopping or for use as a defensive weapon in an emergency situation.

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