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Find a 3-Day Event



The Escape the Woods Challenge is designed to be a two person team experience. You will learn more, remember more, achieve more and have more fun with a teammate. If you simply can’t find one for the day of the event and still want to participate you can definitely show up and fly solo. OR if you are real brave, you can find another “lone wolf” at the event to be your partner for the weekend. 

Limited-Time Special Pricing

1 Adult: $399


We are excited to announce our newest twist at Escape The Woods called Forged In The Wild!  It will be held May 24-26 about 45 minutes north of Columbus, Ohio.


Participants can show up as early as they would like on Friday to set up their tents/ hammocks/ campsite.  Registration is at Noon on Friday. Event begins at 1PM on Friday.  Friday from 1PM to 6PM is training. Saturday training will be from 9AM-6PM.  Food and fun from 6pm-10PM. Main competition begins at 9AM and the event ends at 3PM on Sunday. Lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday. Participants will be responsible for any other meals and snacks. We have found that the evenings are a great time for the participants to gather, cook food over a fire while they discuss what they have learned and make new friends.  Remember, food is a big part of survival so plan well and be willing to share your ideas with others. Escape the Woods is a RAIN or SHINE event!


What?  Survival is not a spectator sport, soldier!  You can watch a baseball game or T.V.  but Escape the Woods is only for participants.  Well, that was harsh. 

THREE DAY ticket includes:


  •  Three days of survival training and competition with E.J. Snyder and his approved trainers revolving around the core 4:  Fire, Food, Shelter and Water Survival Skills.
  • Each team will hand forge and take home a railroad spike knife, steel flint striker and a massive natural handle ferro rod.
  • Lunch provided on Saturday and Sunday
  • Free tent camping included, on site, at the event.
  • A chance to win the grand prize valued at $799 AND you can take home a similar prize for your sponsored Veteran!
  • If you don’t win the grand prize, you can still take home the 2nd or 3rd place prizes.
  • Advanced bow drill training and competition.
  • Participants must me at least 18 years old

Click on the Forged In The Wild Eventbee link below to purchase your ticket.


In order to participate in the Escape the Woods Challenge, you must confirm that you have read and agree to our waiver.

Please download our waiver here or view it online.




By proceeding with the payment, you recognize that Escape the Woods, LLC reserves the right to cancel the event at any time. In the incredibly rare case that this will happen, the participant will only be refunded the amount of the Escape the Woods Ticket. No other expenses (ex: travel) will be refunded.